Saturday, 31 July 2010

Return of Stone Soup

Stone Soup has returned home, all 15 pieces of it. I couldn't resist taking a photo, don't mind the white name tag/placement pieces. I will remove them before assembling the quilt.

Thanks to Kathryn for the challenge and for being brave enough to cut up all the quilts.

A Work in Progress - Bargello

Ever since I began quilting I've been fascinated by Bargello Quilts. I love the colour and the movement.

There is now enough of  my current project to show what I have been working on.

This is the first half of the quilt top, the second part will be brighter, more of the orange and yellow.

It is coming along slowly,. I'm also working on other projects at the same time of course. Two challenges, 'Doors or Doorways' for the AW20Q and the 'Four Elements' with the Challenging Ourselves.

The Elements project is nearly completed but I've drawn a blank about the Doors. I don't think that I have ever looked at so many doors, gates, entrances and exits in all my life. I'm sure something will surface eventually.

Yesterday a friend and I went on a shopping expedition. Had a lovely day out and visited six different quilt shops. Not a lot of purchases but a great day out. I bought a few black and white fat quarters, some thread and some  fabric to use as backing on one of my quilts.

Cold winter day today, I have soup on the stove and the fire going in the family room. Time to uncover my sewing machine and finish off some postcards and work on my 'Elements' quiltlets.