Saturday, 30 March 2013

Scatterdays, the Letter S

Female, Ice Cream, Empty, Stash


 Female: Sirona  Celtic Goddess of Fertility (thanks to Goggle).

Ice Cream - Everyone needs a scoop or two...........

Empty - an empty sea no ships, people or birds.

Stash - Just part of it and very messy too!

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Next time it's the letter A - house, bird,  junk, art from/for/in your sewing room


Saturday, 16 March 2013

Scatterdays - Letter D

 This week we have the dastardly letter D, it has been a challenge and fun trying to come up with the required photos.

Something Humorous, Feet, Furniture and A Quilty Dispaly.

Something Humorous:

My son-in-law Dean dressed as 'Paulie' from the movie Juno. Daughter was 8 months pregnant at the time and went as Juno. I'm not allowed to show her photo here and had to hide Dean's face.


Duck feet  can be used for many different things - walking, swimming and eating!

I have to thank our friend  Google for these pictures.


Drawers from my lovely Singer Treadle Machine. This is one of the first gifts my husband gave me after we were married.

A Quilty Display :

This first group of quilts have all been made for challenges. Lots of fun and a strong learning curve.

 Below are some of my larger quilts. If you can't guess I really love scrappy quilts.

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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Scatterdays - Letter I

This weeks letter is the Letter I:

I found this one a bit of a challenge but have managed to come up with something.

Money,Lots of People make their Income from the stock market.

Tools, a couple of Implements in the garden.

The Iron Maiden, a sculpture made daughter number 2 from of recycled iron.

Lots of Inchies (inches)  here, cutting mat, rulers and tapes.

Next time: Letter D, something humourous, feet, furniture and a quilty display.