Sunday, 11 May 2008

Green Strips, Step 2 and Mother's Day

As you can see I have finished cutting and re-sewing my green strips. Everyone who has seen them has made the same comment...."it's very green!"

My original idea was to to applique a jacobean style tree/flower onto the centre of the top but the more I look at it the more I like it as is (could be that I'm lazy as well, lol). It is busy enough as it is without the applique. Decisions, decisions, what do you think? Any suggestions?

Today is Mother's Day, our two older daughters came home this weekend, the youngest was home last weekend as she had to work.

I was lucky enough to receive some flowers, a signed copy of Jeffrey Archer's book and some fqs. They know just how to spoil me. The man of the house also gave me a bay tree and has nearly finished my 'no-dig' herb garden.

I got to cook dinner last night and lunch again today but I didn't have to do the dishes or tidy the kitchen afterwards. If I'd known that I'd have made more mess.

Here is a picture of the latest addition to my sewing machine family. It is an old Singer, from 1936 according to the serial number. The gold work is in excellent condition, the machine came complete with rubber floor mat, instruction booklet and all the accessories seem to be in the tin. The wooden carry case/suit case shows some minor signs of wear. It sews well now that I've had a little play with the tension.

It is definitely no featherweight, weighs in at approx 22 kg and I want to carrying it around too often. Now All I have to do is find somewhere for it to live.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Strip Challenge

Recently I participated in a swap with one of my on-line groups. We each had to make a set of strips for each person in the swap in their chosen colour. These are the strips I received.

Now the fun begins, I have until October 1st to make these strips into a quilt top. I have started chopping up the strips and stitching them back together. I'd like to applique a Jacobean type flower/tree on the top of the quilt but some members of the family think it might be a little 'over the top.'

We will have to wait and see........ I'll ask for opinion when I finished this step.

Friday, 2 May 2008


The hexagon quilt is growing slowly, sorry the picture isn't very good. I'd take another one but the camera has flat batteries.

Hearts & Stars......It's Finished!!!

This quilt has been a WIP (work in progress) for longer than I care to remember. I have had at least 3 other attempts to quilt it and each time have unpicked what I'd done.

I'd quilted in the ditch around all the red & blue blocks and tried various designs in the cream area, in the end I gave up stippled the whole thing.

Another quilt made from the stash!!

To celebrate finishing something I made this cute little bag ..... well I'd show you a picture but Blogger doesn't want to co-operate!

I take back all those evil thoughts I've just had! lol The picture decided to upload after all.

Now to tackle another long term WIP.