Friday, 15 February 2013

Scatterdays Week 4 - Letter T

Tasty, Tiny, Terrifying and Threads

A TASTY lunch consists of tasty cheese, tuna and tomatoes on toast.


TINY Teddy biscuits, a favourite of my girls when they were much younger

TERRIFYING - Black Saturday Busfires Feb 7, 2009. These pictures were taken at around 4pm, a slight wind had change and smoke blanketed the sky. The fire was less than 10kms from us as the crow flies.

I was dreading the forecast wind change that would bring embers etc down on our property.
Later that night with the power, land line and mobile phones out we sat glued to the transistor radio.

Sitting by torch and candle light we noticed a dark shape on the floor.

A tiger snake had invited itself inside, I don't know what was more terrifying, the fire or trying to find a venomous snake by torchlight.

I am not waiting around if we are threatened by fires again.


A very messy container of embroidery threads.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Dreaming In Colour - A Self Portrait

Our latest challenge 'A Self Portrait'  with Art Quilts Around the World was revealed on January 31st.

 I knew nearly straight away what I wanted to do, unfortunately after selecting,cutting up and sticking down what seemed like hundreds of different coloured 3/4 inch squares I didn't like the result.

The background of this picture is my design layout, I have a habit of drawing all my ideas over the previous ones, can be rather messy at times.

So with a slight design alteration here I am:

I had a brainwave (pardon the pun) and cut new 1/4 inch squares, all different fabrics (106 of them) and vliesofixed them to the silhouette.
Methods used:
Free motion stitching, raw edge applique and a little gold paint for the stars.
Our next challenge is titled CARNIVAL and I've already started collecting bits and pieces of bling to use.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Scatterdays Week 3 - Letter Q

Is our letter this week. The categories are:A plant, Night time, Something healthy and Something quick.

A Plant: This is our poor old quince tree, only two quinces could be seen this morning. In another week or so they will both be gone. The possums love them.

Night Time just had to be a quilt, this is one of my favourite quilts on the spare bed.

Something Healthy: Quinoa, I like to use this as a change from  rice or pasta. Makes a lovely roasted vegetable salad.

Finally Something Quick, couldn't go past my trusty old Quick Unpick, where would I be without it.

Next letter is T - Tasty, Tiny, Terrifying, Threads.