Friday, 15 February 2013

Scatterdays Week 4 - Letter T

Tasty, Tiny, Terrifying and Threads

A TASTY lunch consists of tasty cheese, tuna and tomatoes on toast.


TINY Teddy biscuits, a favourite of my girls when they were much younger

TERRIFYING - Black Saturday Busfires Feb 7, 2009. These pictures were taken at around 4pm, a slight wind had change and smoke blanketed the sky. The fire was less than 10kms from us as the crow flies.

I was dreading the forecast wind change that would bring embers etc down on our property.
Later that night with the power, land line and mobile phones out we sat glued to the transistor radio.

Sitting by torch and candle light we noticed a dark shape on the floor.

A tiger snake had invited itself inside, I don't know what was more terrifying, the fire or trying to find a venomous snake by torchlight.

I am not waiting around if we are threatened by fires again.


A very messy container of embroidery threads.


jacaranda said...

My heart goes out to all who suffered the bushfires. I would be more terrified by the slippery visitor, but then again... Great ideas for your T's.

Vireya said...

A bushfire is truly terrifying.

I can't believe I didn't think of Tasty cheese.

cinzia said...

Searching for a tiger snake by torchlight... gets my vote for most terrifying...probably because I have never been in or near a bushfire.

Jenny said...

Fires seem such a terrifying regular occurance to Aussies, so hard to escape from. Just love tasty cheese,too.

Wendy said...

Very Clever lunch - followed up by Tea and Tiny Teddy bickies no doubt.

aubirdwoman said...

You are very brave ...
but that messy .... you should see my threads.

Pauline said...

You are very brave! Those fires hopefully will never head your way again. That must be enough fear to last a lifetime.
Tasty cheese is great .... Tasty cheese on toast ...Yum!

Joy V said...

I apologise, but I put up a photo of a tiger snake. Unfortunately we have them here in the bush and I never go out in the garden in summer without my gum boots. Love your photos for T.

Ozjane said...

LOL I almost went to my crazy quilting gear for threads but managed to resist. Bush fires may be good for regenerating the Aussie bush but they are truly terrifying and I lost two friends in the Kinglake area one. Love cheese, love Mersey Valley Tasty but all tasty.

Liz Needle said...

Tasty cheese and Tiny Teddies - have them both in the pantry and didn't give them a thought! Your fire sounds really terrifying.