Monday, 29 September 2008

At last some quilty pictures

My Disappearing (or chopped-up) 9 patch quilt has been completed. I thought I'd posted a picture of this in an earlier post but obviously not.

I have been busily finishing things off over the past month or so. This is the green quilt from the strip swap.

The quilting is different size leaves, free motion, I thought they would look good on the green background. Some of my leaves have very unique shapes, lol.

A close up of the quilting. I used a variegated thread for the quilting.

After knitting the red socks I decided to be a little more creative and add a pattern. In real life the red socks are bright red, not as pinky as they show up here.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

New Challenge

Now that the Tree challenge has finished on AW20Q
we have been given the theme for the second challenge - Stellar - lots of ideas are whirling around in my head. Tie dyeing, wool felting, beading, embroidery??? And there is more than meaning of stellar. Thinking busily here.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Disappearing 9 Patch & Recent Purchases

Over the past 18 months or so I have been trying not to buy any new fabric and use what's in the stash. I've stuck to this pretty well but a girl has to break out every now and then. These are the fabrics I bought in New Zealand when we were there:
I only got 1/2 metre of each. Thought they'd be good for landscapes.

These 2 lots I bought just because I liked the colours.....what better reason?

Today I am going to start a quilt using the brown floral & the matching fabrics. I'm still trying to get over buying the orange, definitely not something I'd usually purchase.

Haven't decided yet what to do with the stripes, spots and floral, maybe a bag??