Friday, 28 September 2007

A UFO bites the Dust

It has taken 12 months but this table runner is finally finished. All that needed doing was the binding.

I had wanted to do the binding in the maroon, unfortunately I didn't have enough. Working only from the stash can be a bit tricky. To tell the truth I didn't think I had enough of any of the colours used so this poor little table runner has been sitting on the bottom of the UFO pile.

A couple of weeks ago I thought it would be a good idea to tidy up the stash and put all the fabric adorning the dining table, piano and various other bits of furniture back where it belonged.

Much to my surprise I found enough of the cream for the binding, just made it with a 3 inch strip to spare.

Monday, 24 September 2007

Odd Socks

These are the latest socks to come hot off my needles. I made them from wool I purchased on ebay and I didn't notice until I'd finished that they are both slightly different.

My middle daughter has been after me to make her some more sock so she might get these. She really wants some with cables or patterns but I like to knit while watching TV and don't want to do anything that needs a lot of concentration.

Coming up to summer I probably won't be doing all that much knitting. I have started another pair of socks and was thinking of crocheting a bolero style to for number 3 daughter. Decisions, decisions.

I posted off my 4Seasons swap over two weeks ago and still haven't heard if it has arrived, do hope it hasn't gone astray in the mail. It went overseas so will wait a day or 2 more before I start chasing it up.

Saturday, 22 September 2007


I have a new camera, just a cheapie but at least it works without too many hassles and swear words like my older one.

Now, I just have to master the art of using this new little gadget, the older I get the less technical minded I become.

I can remember getting very frustrated with my parents every time they bought some new electrical appliance, I was the one that had to read all the instructions. Now I find myself doing the same thing!

Anyway, this morning I took some pictures around the garden.

After lunch we took a walk up the paddock to open the gate for the cows. They weren't overly impressed with having their picture taken and turned their backs on me.

Looking around you wouldn't think that we live in a 'drought declared' area. The recent rains and early warm weather has greened the countryside. Our annual rainfall is still way down on the average. We're very thankful for what rain we've had.
The blackwood trees didn't do too well, the lack of rain has really affected them

They are along the boundary of the same paddock the cows in the earlier picture.
At least we will have a plentiful supply of fire wood when they drop their branches.

Friday, 14 September 2007

Finished Fall Quilt

This is the front and back of my Fall Quilt for the Four Seasons Swap, I posted it off earlier this week and now I have my fingers crossed that the recipient will like what I've done. I've called it "When the leaves fall, the geese fly north for the winter."
I told you it was a long name for a little quilt.

Saturday, 8 September 2007

Landscape Quilt

I have been slowly plodding away on the landscape quilt. Today I decided to add the borders. I have already done some free motion stitching and when I sandwich it I will quilt around all the trees, hills etc.

I surprised myself and managed to get the mitres on the outer border right the first time.

I still have to applique or embroider the dead trees in front of the bottom dam.

I'm pleased to be ahead of schedule with this instead of leaving it until the last minute.

This picture on the left is the one I worked from for this quilt, I will admit to using a little 'artistic licence.' You will also notice that the quilt is a mirror image of the original picture.

Sunday, 2 September 2007


Last week I took these pics of the cherry plum trees in the back garden. Spring has well and truly arrived.

We had pretty windy condition on Thursday and most the blossom has blown away. It looked like it was snowing at times.

Today I plan on mowing some of the lawn and helping DH put the fence up along the back of the vegie garden. Since we moved the garden further up the yard the vegies are suffering from the strong winds we've had lately.

It's a nice day for working outside. I really feel like curling up with a book or my knitting and taking it easy today.

It was my middle sisters 50th birthday during the week and last night we went out to celebrate with family and friends at a restaurant close to their home. The food and company were both great and I'm glad we went even if it was a two hour drive home.