Sunday, 2 September 2007


Last week I took these pics of the cherry plum trees in the back garden. Spring has well and truly arrived.

We had pretty windy condition on Thursday and most the blossom has blown away. It looked like it was snowing at times.

Today I plan on mowing some of the lawn and helping DH put the fence up along the back of the vegie garden. Since we moved the garden further up the yard the vegies are suffering from the strong winds we've had lately.

It's a nice day for working outside. I really feel like curling up with a book or my knitting and taking it easy today.

It was my middle sisters 50th birthday during the week and last night we went out to celebrate with family and friends at a restaurant close to their home. The food and company were both great and I'm glad we went even if it was a two hour drive home.


Helen said...

What a pretty sight! Shame about the wind. I hope you still get some plums in the summer.

sMC said...

our trees are just starting to blossom too. Its a good sight isn't it?