Sunday, 26 August 2007

Quilt Show

Yesterday DH and I went down to visit my Mum and take her out for lunch. I'd read of a quilt show in Mt Eliza so we visited that before going to lunch.

Mum had never been to a quilt show before and I think that she enjoyed herself. We saw lots of lovely quilts, unfortunately I didn't take the camera.

We had lunch at the local RSL (returned services club) in Frankston, the meal was very nice and the place wasn't overcrowded. Saved me having to cook a meal that night.

A friend gave us some daphne and I'm attempting to strike cuttings. I love daphne and over the years I've tried grow it without any success. Keeping my fingers crossed this time. We have also been getting the vegetable garden ready. We've planted out broccoli (some weeks ago but still a little late), silver beet, broad beans and lettuce.

Soon we will start building the glass house, I say we but it is DH's project - I just get to act as the builders lackey.

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