Thursday, 16 August 2007

Four Seasons, 2nd installment

As I was working on this little project yesterday, I had a sudden thought........ what if the recipient looks at it and thinks "Yuck!"

I'm thinking whether to do an applique or a stitchery in the centre panel, we'll see what happens.

Two posts in one day, I'd better go and finish cooking dinner.


sMC said...

well, I wouldn't think yuck. Either applique of stitchery would look good. You are getting ahead.

Anne Ida said...

I agree with smc, I wouldn't think yuck! But I guess most (all?) of us have that thought at one point when doing a project that will be going to someone we really don't know all that well. I think what you have done so far looks really great! And your partner will be very pleased with it, I'm sure!