Monday, 20 August 2007

Dratted Binding!!

I was hoping to have my Fall quilt finished today, did the backing yesterday and put the binding on. When I looked at this morning I wasn't very happy about how I'd stitched it down so I've unpicked the lot and will have another go tomorrow.

Sorry, no photos this time, you might be able to read the labels. lol. Pictures will have to wait until after the quilt arrives at it's new home.

For a little quilt, it sure has a very long name.

Decided to add this pic, just to give you something to look at. It was taken here on the farm.

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Shelina said...

Your heritage quilt is beautiful - so intricate. The swap quilt is wonderful too - there is no way the recipient wouldn't like it. If she doesn't, she can always ship it my way! What nice scenery for you to look at while you are quilting!