Saturday, 19 January 2013

What Flower is This??

We have this little creeper growing in a pot, can anyone identify it for me?

Scatterdays Week 2 "R"

 This week the letter is:

and the categories are:

MAMMALS:  Rabbit - I just had to use my daughter's life long friend Peter. He has lived with Daughter 1 since she was 2 days old. He is a little battered but much loved.

TECHNOLOGY:  Remote Control -Where would my husband (and most other men) be without their Remotes, whatever did they do before they were invented??

TRANSPORT: Our trusty (rusty) red wheelbarrow, used for transporting everything from concrete to fire wood. Has often been used for carting the shopping from the car to the house.

RED FROM THE SEWING ROOM: Just a small selection of threads.

Next week the letter Q: A plant, night time, something healthy and for something quilty how about something quick.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Scatterdays - Week 1 - W

This will be my first attempt at playing Scatterdays, it was organised by Cinzia. Our first challeng was the letter 'W' and the catergories are: Expensive, Music, Exciting & WIP (work in progress).

Expensive: Bottled Water, I always hate it when I go out without my water bottle and have to buy some. Seems silly to pay for something that I have at home for free.

 Music: One of my husband's favourites - Fats Waller
 Exciting: Women's tennis. I find Women's tenis much more exciting than watching the men. Lovely to stay in by the air conditioner when it's been so hot, around 40C yesterday and very windy.  Took this photo from the TV.

WIP: If you believe it I have a quilt on the frame under all this fabric, I am in the middle of sorting some of my fabrics. A lot of things were just dumped in here over the Christmas holidays when we had visitors. This might motivate me to get it finished.

The next letter is 'R' mammal, technology, transport, red from your sewing room. Thinking already!