Saturday, 22 September 2007


I have a new camera, just a cheapie but at least it works without too many hassles and swear words like my older one.

Now, I just have to master the art of using this new little gadget, the older I get the less technical minded I become.

I can remember getting very frustrated with my parents every time they bought some new electrical appliance, I was the one that had to read all the instructions. Now I find myself doing the same thing!

Anyway, this morning I took some pictures around the garden.

After lunch we took a walk up the paddock to open the gate for the cows. They weren't overly impressed with having their picture taken and turned their backs on me.

Looking around you wouldn't think that we live in a 'drought declared' area. The recent rains and early warm weather has greened the countryside. Our annual rainfall is still way down on the average. We're very thankful for what rain we've had.
The blackwood trees didn't do too well, the lack of rain has really affected them

They are along the boundary of the same paddock the cows in the earlier picture.
At least we will have a plentiful supply of fire wood when they drop their branches.

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