Saturday, 2 March 2013

Scatterdays - Letter I

This weeks letter is the Letter I:

I found this one a bit of a challenge but have managed to come up with something.

Money,Lots of People make their Income from the stock market.

Tools, a couple of Implements in the garden.

The Iron Maiden, a sculpture made daughter number 2 from of recycled iron.

Lots of Inchies (inches)  here, cutting mat, rulers and tapes.

Next time: Letter D, something humourous, feet, furniture and a quilty display.


Vireya said...

It was a bit of a challenge, wasn't it? I didn't think of "implements" - very sneaky!

Your daughter's sculpture looks good!

Pauline said...

HI, Sue! It was hard but your 'iron maiden' is wonderful. Reminded me of Joan of Arc's armour. Your daughter has a talented creative streak and welding skills. Has she made others? The tools look like they have been useful for a very long time.....must have seen a few seasons, veggies and blooms.

Joy V said...

Nive collection Sue - love your daughter's sculpture.

jacaranda said...

Great photos and ideas, love the bear foot investment guy. Clever, the garden utensils.

Jenny said...

Lots of good I ideas, and I just love the Iron Maiden!!

Ozjane said...

lovely creative collection

cinzia said...

Love your implements and iron maiden. Am finally enjoying checking on everyone's posts