Saturday, 30 March 2013

Scatterdays, the Letter S

Female, Ice Cream, Empty, Stash


 Female: Sirona  Celtic Goddess of Fertility (thanks to Goggle).

Ice Cream - Everyone needs a scoop or two...........

Empty - an empty sea no ships, people or birds.

Stash - Just part of it and very messy too!

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Next time it's the letter A - house, bird,  junk, art from/for/in your sewing room



Vireya said...

I'd like to be sitting by that sea, eating a scoop or two right now!

aubirdwoman said...

oh I need a scoop. You call that messy. hahahaha. I could show you messy.

cinzia said...

What about the storm it almost fills the empty favourite kind of weather

Pauline said...

A great stash of S solutions. The I cream scoop is great. I'm also relieved to see your stash resembles mine!

jacaranda said...

Love your photos. Would love to get into those crates of fabric, like a treasure chest, you never know what treasure of fabric you could find in it.