Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Strip Challenge

Recently I participated in a swap with one of my on-line groups. We each had to make a set of strips for each person in the swap in their chosen colour. These are the strips I received.

Now the fun begins, I have until October 1st to make these strips into a quilt top. I have started chopping up the strips and stitching them back together. I'd like to applique a Jacobean type flower/tree on the top of the quilt but some members of the family think it might be a little 'over the top.'

We will have to wait and see........ I'll ask for opinion when I finished this step.


Joyce said...

Exchanging strips is such a good idea. They are so fast to make and so versatile. You have ended up with a lot of greens!

Sue said...

We had to say what colour strips we wanted and I asked for green. I hoped to use up some of my stash but haven't touched it for this quilt yet.

Jane said...

What a glory of greens.