Monday, 25 February 2008

AQC - Aust. Quilt Convention

Last Thursday my quilting buddy Rhonda and I caught the train to Melbourne to have a look at the quilt convention. We arrived just before the doors opened and left in the middle of the afternoon.

I'm sure we visited every stand at least twice, if nor more. I found some more black & whites for the English paper pieced hexagon quilt that I want to start this year. I also found the background fabric, thanks to Rhonda's eagle eye. The picture I took isn't true to colour as the fqs are black & white.They show up blue here and the background fabric is a lot brighter. I'm still a novice with the digital camera.

I was searching for something the other day and came across this table runner, all it needed was sandwiching and quilting. Another UFO or WIP as I prefer to call them bites the dust.

This afternoon I decided it was time to clean out the boxes of quilting and crafty bits and pieces that I have had stashed away. I seem to have ended up with more mess than when I started. I honestly don't know why I've kept some of this stuff. Tomorrow I have a pile of fabric to put away where it belongs and find a new place to store the patterns etc that I uncovered.

I also found a nearly completed quilt that I'd forgotten all about. In a sensible moment I even put the fabric for the binding with the quilt. It only needs a little more quilting and the binding stitched on. If I get my sewing table cleared, I might have a go at it tomorrow. At the moment you can't see an empty spot with all the unearthed 'treasures.'


Carol E. said...

That is a really cool table runner you came across. And a whole quilt nearly done?? How fun is that! How well I know the cleaning-creates-a-mess scenario. It never ends.

sMC said...

ditto to what carol e. said