Saturday, 7 March 2009

Coming & Goings

Postcard that I made to exchange with Jenni S in a 1-1 Swap

Postcard that I received from Jenni in the same 1-1 swap.

Socks that I have just finished and given to my friend as a thank you for all the nice things she does for me.

What would we do without a good friend that is always there when you need a hand or share your excitement and good news with?


Priscilla said...

Love the first postcard! How did you do the curvy-lined checkerboard circle? It's amazing.

Sue said...

Thanks Priscilla, I used a checkerboard patterned fabric. Chrating I know but effective.

Priscilla said...

No! It's not cheating! I just wanted to know your secret technique. I can totally "cheat," too--that's certainly within my abilities. :) Whatever technique you used, your piece is still fabulous.