Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Another Challenge Quilt

Running late as usual, just completed the 'Out of Africa' challenge for Challenging Ourselves

I did a google search for Africa and came across the Tinga Tinga drawings and paintings.They were the inspiration for my quilt. Love the colours and naive style of paintings used.

The quilt measures approx 14.5 x 14.5 inches (37 cm square).


Carol E. said...

Now there is quilt I could love -- a giraffe! Beautiful.

Janet Hartje said...

Very cute!

Jeanneke said...

Very nice blog, beautiful quilting!
Loved visiting your blog and will come back, for sure :>)
Love from Holland!

Val said...

My first visit to your blog love your quilts will visit again
hugs Val x

Lynn Cohen said...

This is adorable and I love the colors too. Pop over to QATW and our new facebook page. We have grown to 25 members; and the conversations and photos are great. I hope to see more of you there!!!

Lynn Cohen said...

Oops. that is AQATW Art Quilts Around The World! LOL