Saturday, 25 May 2013

Scatterdays - Letter M

Sorry I have been missing in the action for the last couple of Scatterdays. This weeks letter is the LETTER M - Sport, Foreign, Animal and Modern Quilt.

SPORT - Motorcycle Racing

 FOREIGN - Money

ANIMAL - Moose

Thanks to google for these images

Modern Quilt - Sorry don't have one, but have chosen my 'latest' quilt top. Not quite finished, still have to mitre the corners on the borders.

Our next letter is the eXciting letter X.  If you would like to check what the other bloggers are doing with the letter “M”.  You can find their links on the side bar of  Cinzia’s blog.


Jenny said...

Lots of nice Ms there. The moose is certainly a majestic looking animal, I think.
Very nice quilt too.

Pauline Mitchell said...

Welcome, back! Your quilt is looking wonderful.

aubirdwoman said...

I have a photo of middle son that looks just like that. He is a motorcycle fanatic.
great M's

Vireya said...

Welcome back!

Your quilt looks good - I think it could qualify as a modern quilt, especially if you do some sort of all-over regular quilting design on it.

jacaranda said...

Great photos Sue, it is lovely to have you back on board. Love your quilt.

cinzia said...

My youngest son would love your Moose photo. I didn't even think of that for animal which is funny as I have spoken to him a few times this week and his moose light is always in the background.
I like your quilt. How will you quilt it?