Friday, 8 December 2006


Not a lot done today on the quilting front. With high temperatures and strong winds forecast for the weekend we have spent most of the day getting the grass cut, the generator checked and the spouting etc cleaned out. It has been very smokey from the bushfires in other areas of the State.

I did manage to finish quilting and stitching the binding onto the quilt for my youngest daughter, it's called 'In Memory of Ginger' after our cat that we had to have put to sleep earlier this year. The quilt will be a Christmas gift. I will take some photos when it isn't so smokey outside. Also stitched the label onto my sister's quilt and finished the binding. Phew!! two Christmas gifts finished!!


Helen said...

Hi Sue

Just got your message on QDU so I thought I would visit your blog. Love the self -portrait. I've been thinking we should do a self-portrait challenge at my quilt club next year.


SPM said...

The portrait was fun to do, it's my daughter (or supposed to be. She can't see the likeness, lol