Sunday, 17 December 2006

Morning in the Garden

Spent a little time in the vegetable garden this morning, helping with the weeding, a never ending task. Picked the first of the beetroot, some peas, lettuce and potatoes. The broad beans look like they have finished, just a few left that will be used for seed next year. The vegetable garden is my hubby's pride and joy.
This is a picture of what I picked this morning. The jars in the background contain some of the rhubard chutney that I made last week. The chutney will be given as Christmas gifts to friends.

Saturday, 16 December 2006

In Memory of Ginger

Finally managed to get some photos of daughters Christmas quilt taken. They're not the best pictures, the redwork cats don't show up very well.

Ginger was a stray cat that came to live with us about six years ago. We found her living under our shed, she had been dumped wearing a collar and bell. You could see all the knobs on her spine and feel all her ribs. She was great company, very timid until our bad tempered Smokey cat died and then Ginger seemed to blossom. I miss having her around, Feral Cheryl the cat daughter number 2 left here when she moved out is too crazy to be good company.
The redwork blocks are from a swap I participated in with the SCQIS online group.

Friday, 8 December 2006


Not a lot done today on the quilting front. With high temperatures and strong winds forecast for the weekend we have spent most of the day getting the grass cut, the generator checked and the spouting etc cleaned out. It has been very smokey from the bushfires in other areas of the State.

I did manage to finish quilting and stitching the binding onto the quilt for my youngest daughter, it's called 'In Memory of Ginger' after our cat that we had to have put to sleep earlier this year. The quilt will be a Christmas gift. I will take some photos when it isn't so smokey outside. Also stitched the label onto my sister's quilt and finished the binding. Phew!! two Christmas gifts finished!!

Sunday, 3 December 2006

Portrait completed

This is the finished portrait quilt, I had to re-work the nose as I wasn't happy with the original. Friends who have seen it recognised who it was straight away.