Monday, 22 January 2007

Current Project

This is my current project, a block of the month from Beth Ferrier, she has called her pattern 'Lilllibets Garden' but I'm thinking of naming my quilt 'Rose Garden. Beth's quilt features tulips but I like roses better.
As you can see I'm still working on the centre applique, the quilt is to be turned on point and an extra block is to be added to each corner then some more applique.

I sew with friends once a week and we all made the quilt using different colours. This year we will again make Beth's next BOM.

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Shelina said...

Sue, this quilt looks lovely in blue. I like the idea of changing the colors of the quilt from the designers, but I was trying to use up stash fabric, so the more colorful option worked better for me. I did change them a little bit from Beth's though.
You've made more progress than I have. I haven't done the setting blocks for Lilebet's Garden. I am working on the applique for Moondance, Beth's quilt from a couple of years ago.