Wednesday, 28 February 2007


Here are a few of the ATC's I've made for a swap I'm in with the Aus_NZartquilters art quilters group and another internet group.
These little cards are fun to make and experiment with.

I began experimenting with fabric dyeing this week and have to say that I could easily become addicted. Had heaps of fun and now I can hardly wait for my next lot of dyes to arrive. Here's a picture of yesterdays efforts. Managed to get all these colours without too many mix-ups. I did learn that it's a good idea to close the zip-lock bag before you start squishing it around. Just as well I doubled bagged everything.

I've run out of white fabric to dye until I can get into town and buy some more.

I've been saved!! A friend just dropped in a few metres of fabric for me to play with.

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Shelina said...

The smaller pieces are so freeing, giving you lots of chances to experiment, You did a great job dyeing. That's something I haven't done.