Friday, 27 April 2007

Mothers & Melanoma

I can't believe that it's so long since I last wrote anything. Plenty going on at present.

Today my Mum was in hospital to have more moles removed. She also had more removed from the site of the first mole on her arm, plastic surgery and from what I can gather she also had some lymph nodes removed from under her arm.

She wasn't able to tell me much tonight as she hadn't seen the doctor. I do know that she was expected to spend the night in hospital but she can be a stubborn old bird at times. We'll be going down to see her on Sunday.

It is also my youngest nieces 3rd birthday party on Sunday. Tomorrow I'm going to make up some 'baby' blankets for her dolls. She keeps borrowing her Mum's towels to wrap them in.

Hope to post some pics tomorrow of the ATC's and postcards I received in a recent swap.

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