Monday, 30 July 2007

A Drive in the Country

Yesterday the man of the house decided we should go out, we seem to have been spending a lot of time around home lately, gardening and working on the shed.

We ended up going to Warburton and having a delicious morning tea at the 'Patchwork Teahouse' . This was my first visit there and it is a delightful shop. I'll have to go back and do a little retail therapy when I'm with like minded quilters.

The road did not have a lot of traffic and we managed to spot a lyrebird as we drove along. It's a lovely trip driving through the forest of gums and tree ferns.

A visit to the Tourist Information Centre and Museum was very interesting. I hadn't realised how many floods there have been over the years.

With the bush fires earlier this year and then all the rain we've had recently, the town water in Warburton and surrounding areas is unfit to drink. The local council have a number of large water tanks placed in public areas all clearly marked as 'drinking water'.

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Supermom said...


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