Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Flower Quilt

There was no wind whatsoever today until I went outside to take this photo. Every time I took a shot the breeze would lift the bottom of the quilt. I was too lazy to go back inside to get the masking tape to hold the quilt flat.

This quilt is a Christmas gift for my younger sister. The floral blocks were made by different people and I've had them packed away since 2004 when the row by row swap finished.

I have shadow quilted around each of the flower sprays, stitched in the ditch around the dark green borders and stippled the cream background.

I still have to make the label and think up a name for the quilt, any suggestions?

Thanks to all who have sent messages and prayers for my mothers, I'm so pleased that they are both on the mend.


sMC said...

"If Sisters were flowers, I'd pick YOU". lovely quilt Sue. Glad the Mothers are on the mend.

Jane said...

Oh I love that one.
Virginia Quilter have this wonderful Wildlife ... Wildflowers - Floral Collage - Black
Price: $8.79
Had to go look as I could not remember the word collage......oh Fibro Fog has a lot to answer for.
aka Glenice

Rose Marie said...

The first one is good or how about "Kissed by the sun". Your quilt turned out lovely!

Sue said...

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions, I think I'll call it "Sisters, Growing Together"