Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Daughters & Cars

Life in this household has been fairly hectic of late. Middle daughter has moved house yet again, her new flat is very central to shops, public transport etc. It has been freshly painted and has new flooring. She is sharing with a girlfriend from school.

Christmas shopping has been started and nearly completed, I spent two days shopping last week, one at Fountain Gate and the other at Chadstone, talk about shop 'til you drop. Called into Spotlight and bought some pre-quilted fabric to make my 7 y.o. niece a ballet bag. Will post a picture when it's finished. There hasn't been a lot of other sewing done.

Last night youngest daughter was in a car accident. Fortunately no-one was injured but her car is a write-off. We took the car trailer down to the city today and brought her car home. Now we have to start the claim via our insurance company. I have loaned her my old car so she can get to work and home again.

She is planning on moving closer to her job and if she gets the place she applied for this week she will be within walking distance of the book shop where she works.

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Carol E. said...

A book shop! What a fun job! I'm glad she wasn't hurt. I hope she gets to move close to work soon. It's so great when one can walk to work!