Wednesday, 26 December 2007

It's Over

Another Christmas has been celebrated and survived. We have had 3 days of festivities, youngest daughter's birthday is on the 23rd Dec, Christmas Day was spent here at home with the immediate family and today we went to my sister's and spent the day with assorted family and friends.

This was the last time that we are having the extended family get together as two of my sisters & brother no longer want to do it. Next year it will be down to just my middle sister & her family, Mum and us.

I enjoyed having the girls home all at the one time, doesn't happen very often now that they have all flown the nest. Middle daughter had to work for a couple of hours yesterday and most of today and I think that it was great that she managed to make it home for lunch yesterday.

I hope everyone has had a happy & safe Christmas.

ps My sister really loved the flower quilt!

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