Monday, 17 December 2007

Christmas is coming

I'm happy to say that all my Christmas gifts are wrapped and ready to go under the tree. Just need to get the fresh vegetables etc next week and everything is under control.

Today I packed away my sewing things from the dining table and I'm already having withdrawal symptoms. The house has been tidied, beds made up for the girls on Christmas Eve, middle daughter has to work Christmas Day for a couple of hours but will be home for lunch. She works again on Boxing Day, Jan 26th so won't be able to attend the extended family lunch.

I'm participating in the Four Seasons winter swap and with luck I'll come up with some ideas, very hard to think 'winter' when it's been so hot here.

In case I don't get a chance to post again this week, I'd like to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and all the best for the coming year.

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