Sunday, 23 March 2008


I've finally made a start on my hexagon quilt. I'm using 1" hexagons in black and white, bordered with a yellow/mustardy colour.

I put a few together to see what they would look like. The colour in the picture isn't quite right but you get the drift.

This is my hand sewing project while I watch TV at night with the boss. Football season has started and I need something to keep me sane. It's still a little too warm to knit.


Lissa Jane said...

yep yep yep.. know all about being a football widow.. though I think you are an AFL one? I am a rugby league one!

Looks fantastic!


Fiesta said...

can you share the name of this pattern with me. It looks very interesting.

Supermom said...

to keep you sane?...
Are you sure 1" hexagons will do this!!