Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Hexagons & Pink Quilts

Last week I pent 3 days away with my quilting buddies. We had a great time shopping, sewing and eating out. We each made a quilt top, this is the one I made. They are all the same except we've each used slightly different colours. I've just realised that this picture doesn't have the striped border. Will have to post another pic next time. My youngest daughter saw the fabric for this quilt and has commented on how nice it would be on her bed. She loves anything in pink. Might just have to get it finished in time for Christmas or her birthday on Dec 23rd.My hexagon quilt is coming along slowly. I'm up to the outer borders now. I was going to put three rows of the black hexagons around the edge but think it will look too heavy. Might do a couple of rows of the background colour and then see if it needs anymore borders.


Christine said...

I just love doing hand piecing, I have a WISP which is about 8 years old! I don't think it'll be anything like the original Starry Starry Night from APQ mag, as I'm sick of the stars made of diamonds already and havent even started the hexagons to go between them, LOL.

I think you may be correct about the black borders, but one looks good so far and I like the idea of the background colour.

Thanks for showing this, so many people think American patchwork or CQ are the only types of patchwork these days. I prefer good old fashioned hand piecing over papers!!

Femin Susan said...

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Sue said...

Thanks for your comments Christine. I've decided only to do the one black border and have started on the background rows. Sue