Monday, 10 November 2008

In the garden.......

I was mowing the grass yesterday, one of those things that I don't really enjoy but has to be done and I thought I'd post some pictures of the garden.

My Mum gave me this rose, I just love the colour and it also has a nice perfume. It's one of my favourites.

It was so windy here at the weekend that most the other roses have been savaged by the wind.

This is a picture of my very neglected orchid, it is badly in need of repotting. I was so annoyed with it not flowering that I moved it around to the back of the house and lo and behold this year there are four flower spikes.

The yellow climbing rose is still a work in progress, it's only been in a year or so.


floribunda said...

that purple rose is beautiful! do you know what it's called?

Linda said...

Hi Sue, I've given you an award! See my blog for the details. Cheers, Linda

Dionne said...

Oh how lovely, you must be coming on summer! We are in the rainy days of winter now... and soon on to snow. Those flowers really cheer the soul.

alexis said...

Hi Sue,
I enjoyed visiting your blog.
Your rose is lovely.
The happy swapper

Carol E. said...

Wow, an orchid in your yard! Please show us when all the flowers are in bloom.