Friday, 5 December 2008

A Recent Visitor

This male King Parrot was a recent visitor to our backyard. He seemed to be very tame, inquisitive. and posed for photos without any problems. He was approx a metre from me when I took these pics.

I did think that he had come to feast on our fig tree but he seemed much more interested in what we were doing to the hydroponic garden experiment.


floribunda said...

beautiful! I would love to have a bird like that show up and pose for me...

Dionne said...

What a beautiful bird! I didn't know parrots were wild in your area, or perhaps he was a pet gone AWOL!

Christine said...

Sue, how wonderful to see a male King up so close. They are more prolific than people realise, they're just usually so shy. I've had one almost collide with me flying THROUGH am open verandah here in suburban Guildford NSW. This fellow must have smelt your water on the hydroponic garden and all the fresh veggies and thought "dinner!"

Great photos, thanks for sharing

Sue said...

He was a beautiful bird, I was sorry that I had to leave and couldn't watch him for longer. We usually see the king parrots in pairs, I wonder where his mate was? We are lucky here to have many different types of wild birds and parrots.

Carol E. said...

What a beautiful bird! And obviously full of personality. Very cool.