Sunday, 28 December 2008

Op Shop Bargains!

Yesterday morning I went to the library and for coffee with a friend. On our way home we visited the local op-(thrift) shop. I found these two bargains, my youngest daughter has been wanting an old style hand beater/mixer for ages and I thought that the apron was too good to pass up. All the work that has gone into the apron and for only 50c! I'm sure she will be pleased with the new additions for her kitchen.

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Lindi said...

Ah memories! I remember playing in a bubble bath with one of those at my Grandmother's, then I learnt to cook using one (no electric beaters and the mix master was always too awkward to unpack from Mum's cupboard). My kids had the use of mine in their baths, too. Wonder what happened to it? Note to self: Must get another to put aside for my future Grandkids.