Friday, 13 February 2009


Last Saturday night was a night from hell, I never want to experience another one like it. We were very lucky to suffer no damage or loss. My heart goes out to others who have lost their loved ones and everything they own.

It was hot, 47C plus and with the forecast of strong winds things weren't looking too good. When the wind change came through the fires from Bunyip Ridge were swept around the hills to the west of us. I have never experienced winds like these. On Sunday we went to call on neighbours to make sure everyone was safe and the number of trees down in our road was unbelievable. One neighbour had a huge gum tree fall, it just hit the corner of his verandah, missed the cars parked in the drive-way.

The sky darkened in a matter of minutes. We were covered in ash and embers. We had to be outside checking to make sure there were no spot fires.

I took the opportunity to get these pictures. It was amazing to watch the black smoke sweep across the hills behind us. It looked like a rain cloud.

The electricity went off not long after this and we
relied on candles, torches and a battery operated radio for news about what was happening. Around 10.30 pm the telephones, both the land line and mobiles went dead.

Our girls were getting frantic when they couldn't contact us until the next day.

These last 2 pictures are the fires still burning in the hills to the west of us, about 5 km from here.

They were taken on Wednesday.

All our water tanks have been contaminated with ash, everything reeks of smoke but we're here and have suffered no loss. We are very fortunate and are counting our blessings.

On a lighter note, we had an unexpected visitor Saturday night. Himself was sitting listening to the radio when he looked down and saw the pattern on the rug move ....... most unusual! Turns out is was a small tiger snake slithering along beside his foot. I have never seen him move so fast. I can tell you it's really hard to find a snake by torch & candlelight. Managed in the end after much furniture moving.


Christine said...

Sue, so glad you and yours are OK. Will you have to empty your contaminated tank? Bet the snake was more scared of you than the other way around, but sheesh, not the most welcome visitor inside the house, VBG. So many internet friends have been affected by these fires but so far none fatally, thank goodness.

jan said...

Hi Sue,
Thank goodness you are safe, the fires looked dreadful on our TV screens, IF these WERE started deliberately, the person or persons concerned should...well, just what do you do with people like that? The misery they have caused is astronomical, they should be shamed worldwide.
Love to you and your family jan in UK

sMC said...

hugs Sue, so glad you are safe.
keep watchful, especially if the patern changes on the rug.
omg I just have goose bumps thinking about you both searching for it by candlelight.
Now you know why I have to live in suburbia.