Wednesday, 31 March 2010

March Challenge - Flora

Today was the unveiling of our first  AQAW  challenge for this year, the subject was 'Flora.'

I decided to use the 'discharge dying' method for this challenge.  A single piece of black home spun was cut, dyed, stamped and used for the front of the quilt and the binding.

I picked some different sized leaves from the ficifolia  tree (flowering gum)  in our garden and made stencils from freezer paper.

Using a spray bottle and bleach solution I discharge dyed  around the leaf templates. The pieces on the bottom left and right hand side were pleated, tied with string and then dropped into the left over bleach solution. 

The leaves have been outlined in gold thread.

The circle shapes are stamped in gold fabric paint using a gum nut as a stamp.


Lindi said...

I really like it. Thanks for sharing your techniques with us, too. :)

Shasta said...

I really like it too, and appreciate your sharing the technique. Loved seeing your black and white quilts as well.