Saturday, 31 March 2007

Japanese Bargello

As you can see I've actually been doing something with my time this week. This quilt top has been made from an assortment of Japanese fabrics. I'd like to take the credit for all of it but have been working with a friend to get the top done. She supplied all the fabric for the top and did the cutting. I get to supply the wadding, backing and get to quilt it as well. We're making this one to sell, that's why it's a joint effort. The quilt will measure 60" square when finished.

We've had some lovely rain during the week, all our tanks are full and the grass is starting to green up.

The crows and currawongs are into the fruit trees, making an awful noise as well as a mess. The possums have eaten all the peaches.....again!! We really should net the trees if we want to pick the fruit.


sheilaC said...

Sue lovely quilt, but I don't think I have enough Japanese fabric to make mine like this. How big are the squares.
You asked how I got the Lorikeets to pose. I just snook up on them and clicked as fast as I could. We should really net our fruit trees too but The Scot says its too big a job. So the birds get to enjoy most of the fruit.

Sue said...

Shiela, the squares are 2" finished. I've made a couple of quilts like this, part of the 'no buying fabric - use the stash' drive that I'm on. Somehow it doesn't seem to make a dent in the stash though.