Wednesday, 24 October 2007


It seems to be the week for both my Mum & my Mum-in-law to have falls. Monday evening my Mum had a fall and is now sporting a couple of very black eyes. She got to have a ride in the ambulance and spent the night in hospital. Every day this week my sister gets to take Mum for various tests etc. I'll be pleased when we know what's going on.

Mum-in-law had a fall in the nursing home yesterday and has broken her arm.....up near the shoulder. They can't put it in plaster so she will be trussed up for the next 6 weeks or so. She is still in hospital. Himself can't go and visit her as he has caught one of the various flu bugs going around and he doesn't want her to get it.

To brighten this up I took a picture of the first bunch of roses I've picked this year.


Julia said...

Sue, I am so sorry to hear about your mothers. I hope that all will be well with them. Your roses are beautiful.

sMC said...

sorry to hear about your 'Mothers" back eyes and broken arm are not fun at any age. lovely roses.

Shelina said...

Oh how awful. I hope they both heal up well. The roses are lovely, maybe you can send them to the mothers to brighten up their day.

Carol E. said...

Best wishes to your mums! The roses are beautiful. We are at the tail end of autumn colors here.