Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Four Seasons Fall Quilt

Fabric fondling is the best way to calm your nerves after a harrowing experience.

Yesterday I had a face to face confrontation with a metre long tiger snake. Not one of my favourite things to meet.

My day was much improved when I received my fall swap quilt from Dorian in LaGrange Park, Il.

Dorian was also kind enough to enclose some fabric. A very big thank you Dorian for the quilt and the fabric, the quilt is perfect colours for my family room and will be on display for all to see. We're going into summer here but that isn't important.

I also received my 'cream to gold' charms from another swap I'm in.

Wouldn't it be lovely if the postman brought squishy fabric parcels everyday?

I couldn't go to my regular sewing day this week so I've been working on my blue quilt at home, only 6 more blocks and the centre to do and it will be finished. I'm thinking of doing some type of floral applique in the centre. Will complete all the 12" blocks first and see what I think.


Rose Marie said...

A tiger snake, geesh, one of the deadliest. What were you doing and how did you get away from it without being bitten?

Tamara said...

I know I sure would love squishy fabric packages every day in my mail box. Or even the occasional fabric postcard. Love your falling leaves quilt that Wendy recieved from you.

Sue said...

Rose Marie, I had a long handled shovel handy and the snake came to an untimely end.

Marilyn R said...

Snake - yeak! Your Four Season's Quilt is beautiful. I am waiting on a squishy in the mail now too. I keep checking to see if it has arrived. Maybe tomorrow. Have fun with your squishies!

sMC said...

wow.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> that would be me running from the tigersnake. But you should have taken a photo! I don't think even fabric buying would have calmed my nerves. Lovely 4 seasonsquilt and nice Postman.

Carol E. said...

Susan! How fun to find you! (Or, that you found me.) Glad you ruled over the snake. Yeeccchh! Now I have you bookmarked and can visit you every day. Almost like the old days when we actually used to write letters.